Asma Assad Addresses Syrians: My Strength Stems from Yours


 August 9, 2018

Asma Assad

Wife of Syrian President Asma Assad told her people on Thursday that her strength stems from their strength, in the first address by Syria’s First Lady after it was announced that she was diagnosed with cancer.

“I belong to the people who taught the world steadfastness, strength and how to face difficulties. My determination stems from your determination and strength in the past years,” the official Twitter account for the presidency published a statement by the British-born wife of Bashar Assad.

The caption in Arabic was published alongside a picture of her smiling in a hospital.

Asma’s words came shortly after people from across the world rushed to her Instagram account and the official Twitter account on presidential news to wish her a speedy recovery.

On August 8, the presidency published a photo of Bashar Assad smiling next to Asma in hospital as she sat with an IV in her left arm. The image…

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