The word « racism » in 1949 -> le regard du jugement


One thing I have noticed during my 1949 media diet is that hardly anyone used the word « racism » back then.

That got me to wondering.

I searched my Kindle, which has hundreds of books. The earliest use of the word « racism » was by Martin Luther King, Jr in 1963. Then Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael use it. Then comes the flood. But before that, nothing.

You do not see the word « racism » in:

  • « The Fire Next Time » (1963) by James Baldwin,
  • « The Invisible Man » (1952) by Ralph Ellison,
  • « Black Boy » (1945) by Richard Wright,
  • « The Mis-Education of the Negro » (1933) by Carter G. Woodson,
  • « The Souls of Black Folk » (1903) by Du Bois,
  • « The Red Record » (1895) by Ida B. Wells,

Nor in Frederick Douglass’ speeches. Nothing.

Then I searched Google Books, which has millions of books and magazines from the past 500 years.

In 1949 « racism » does not appear…

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