The US in 1949


Li’l Abner comic strip from July 24th 1949.

The United States in the 1,949th year of the Christian era is more or less what you see in film noir and in Jack Kerouac’s « On the Road » (1957). Kerouac travelled across the US from 1947 to 1950:

Ogallala, Nebraska, circa 1949.

  • When: AD 1949.
  • Where: US (roughly North America 30 to 49 degrees north of the equator). Held sway over Japan, Philippines, Pacific Ocean, Latin America, and western Europe.
  • Ruler: President Harry Truman.
  • Population: 151 million in 1950. By race:
    • 87.5% White,
    • 10.0% Black,
    • 2.1% Hispanic,
    • 0.2% Native,
    • 0.2% Asian/Pacific.
  • Life expectancy: 68.2 years at birth in 1950:
    • 69.1 years for Whites,
    • 60.8 years (estimated) for Blacks.
  • Major cities: New York (largest city in the world), Washington, Chicago.
  • Language: Modern English written with Roman letters.
  • Religion: nominal Christianity, hollow materialism.
  • Currency: US…

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