James Baldwin



James Baldwin (1924-1987) was one of the best Black American writers of the 1900s. He was so good that they would not let him speak at the March on Washington in 1963. He is best known for « The Fire Next Time » (1963), one of the best things ever written about race in the US.

  • Toni Morrison said his death left an intellectual void till Ta-Nehisi Coates came out with « Between the World and Me » in 2015.
  • Amiri Baraka called him the « Joan of Arc of the cocktail party. »
  • Ishmael Reed said he was « a hustler who comes on like Job. »

Baldwin’s thought and expression seem deeper than that of Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, Jr, but for that very reason it could not directly move the masses to effect change.

His aim, though, was not to be a reformer. He wanted « to be an honest man and a good writer. »…

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