Prudentius: Cruel warfare angers God

For peace, against war: literary selections


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Greek and Roman writers on war and peace


From A Reply to the Address of Symmachus
Book II

Translated by H.J. Thomson

Only concord knows God; it alone worships the beneficent Father aright in peace. The untroubled harmony of human union wins his favour for the world; by division it drives Him away, with cruel warfare it makes Him wroth; it satisfies Him with the offering of peace and holds Him fast with quietness and brotherly love. In all lands bounded by the western ocean and lightened by Aurora at her rosy dawning, the raging war-goddess was throwing all humanity into confusion and arming savage hands to wound each other.

sola Deum novit eoneordia, sola benignum
rite colit tranquilla Patrem: placidissimus ilium
foederis humani consensus prosperat orbi,
seditione fugat, saevis exasperat armis,
munere pacis alit, retinet pietate quieta.

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