Chinese Ships Exploit Weak, Poor and Preoccupied Africa

Africa and Asia: The Key Issues

Outsiders have long exploited African resources. Now China, a prime purchaser of oil, gas, and valuable African underground minerals, is depleting what is left of Africa’s Atlantic Ocean fishery resources and thus depriving Africans of livelihoods and scarce protein. How to persuade or compel China to respect African rights is a central question for African leaders, for their regional organizations, and for all those other seafaring nations that seek to uphold respect for international maritime regulations.

Chinese ships operate illegally, without permits, in waters West African states are unable to patrol. They trawl in restricted zones and employ methods that have been outlawed in their own home waters. China uses many of the same questionable techniques in Indian Ocean waters off East Africa where countries are equally powerless to protect their rights. Chinese vessels have also ventured deeply into South Atlantic waters between South Africa and Antarctica.

Many Chinese-owned and…

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ARRÊTEZ LE FOU ! Erdogan menace publiquement le journal qui a révélé ses relations terroristes

il est « OUF »

Allain Jules

Le président turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan reste dans le déni. Un déni perpétuel alors qu’il aide Daesh à conquérir la Syrie, d’une part, et la’Irak, d’autre part. Il a donc menacé publiquement de représailles le journal qui a publié des images montrant des livraisons d’armes par Ankara aux « rebelles extrémistes syriens », selon la presse mainstream, pour ne pas parler de Daesh. On peut le comprendre. A moins d’une semaine des élections législatives du 7 juin, ces révélations ne sont pas bonnes pour lui, le petit terroriste en col blanc.

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What Spain tell us about the future of AFRICOM

AFRICOM is technically only a command and control center for US military operations in Africa, and due to advances in communication and transport technology, it doesn’t even have to be based in the continent itself (it’s currently headquartered in Germany).

Strategika 51

The US’ decision to beef up its military presence in southern Spain indicates that a new strategy towards Africa is well underway.Washington just clinched a deal with Madrid that will see it boosting its military footprint in the south of the country. According to the agreement, up to 2,200 Marines and possibly 40 military aircraft will be deployed within striking distance of all of West Africa, and this massive amount of firepower proves that the US is preparing its forces for engagement all across the continent in the years to come. Its deployment along the African periphery in Spain complements the existing presence it has in Italy and Djibouti, to say nothing of its mobile naval capabilities, and this arrangement may actually be the most ‘efficient’ of AFRICOM’s speculated formations. In the short term, it’s predicted that the US’ latest moves are in anticipation of an inevitable leadership transition that…

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США сделали одновременно двух противников Росси я и Китай! Между США и Китаем чуть не произошло боево е столкновение!!-Mezh?utm_campaign=transit&utm_source=main&utm_medium=page_6&