A basic introduction to the New World Order



Nouvel Ordre Mondial 001

The New World Order is an ancient pyramid structure. This organization is closely linked to the racist philosophy of Nazism. The idea of ​​massive population reduction by war, famine, disease, AIDS (biogenetic weapon) … but with Eugenics, Sterilization, Euthanasia of patients with mental disorders … once practiced by psychiatrists as Kallman, Mengele … the Rockefeller-Rudin Institute during the Second World War. Far from over, nowadays, at the genetic science, major laboratories currently require easing « ethical rules » …
In addition to this link Nazism, the New World Order try to perform certain biblical prophecies: a single language on the Tower of Babel, the antichrist, the mark of the beast, Babylon … for world domination. But for the advent of a false « religion, » astro-theological type, but that would be really a Satanist ideology. This, added to a world government, a global law, global justice, global education…

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