US Creating ‘Permanent War Zone’ Around Russia ~ [RELATED: « Russia Has Western Enemies, Not Partners », by Paul Craig Roberts]

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The US strategy of economic sanctions against Russia is designed to create a “permanent war zone” in that region and cause chaos in the Russian economy, a geopolitical analyst in Europe says.

“When we are looking at the strategy of the US towards Russia, it is to force Russia to capitulate,” said Joaquin Flores, director of the Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade, Serbia.

“Ultimately, one thing they would like to do is to create a permanent war zone or a permanent area of armed conflict right in its historical sphere of influence,” – Flores told Press TV on Friday.

The US is also looking to “create chaos within its economic system which is aimed at getting different elements of the elites in economic power circles in Russia to turn against the government and to side with the US interest,” – he indicated.

On Thursday, US President Barack Obama signed…

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Manifestation Stop-TTIP-TAFTA / Bruxelles – Belgique 19 décembre 2014

Non au Traité Transatlantique

Manifestation européenne à Bruxelles (Belgique) autour du parlement européen contre le traité transatlantique (TAFTA). De 5 à 7000 personnes issues de syndicats, d’associations ont défilé autour des institutions européennes.


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