Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time? by Paul Craig Roberts


Cellule44 : Cette info est capitale, une traduction google est suffisante pour comprendre toute l’horreur et l’abomination que nous vivons en ces temps apocalyptiques.
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UPDATE: As I read this notice from, a service of the US National Institutes of Health, the US Government and Pharmaceutical corporations have been conducting ebola tests on humans.

This is official confirmation of Dr. Boyle and Dr. Broderick’s reports that the US government has conducted ebola experiments. Perhaps the vaccine was not effective, and those on whom the experiment was conducted came down with ebola and perhaps also employees in the US bio-warfare laboratories located in Africa where the experiment was conducted.

It appears that the test consists of giving an ebola vaccine and then exposing the unaware person to ebola, apparently an engineered version for bio-warfare. Whatever the tests are, it is clear that Boyle and Broderick in their…

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LES FOURBERIES DE LA CPI. Libye: Fatou Bensouda parle de crimes de guerre commis ces jours

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Fatou Bensouda Fatou Bensouda

LA HAYE, Pays-Bas – La procureure de la Cour pénale internationale (CPI) a estimé mardi que des crimes de guerre étaient probablement commis en Libye mais déploré que la Cour n’ait pas les moyens d’enquêter en raison du chaos qui règne dans le pays. Elle (CPI) avait pourtant mis en cause le frère Guide Mouammar Kadhafi et sa famille, avant même de pouvoir enquêter. Tout est pourtant faux et la CPI poursuit toujours les fils du leader libyens. Une forfaiture parmi tant d’autres…

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« We Beheaded Kids in Front of Parents »: a Daesh mercenary witness (formerly drug dealer and FSA leader)

the real Syrian Free Press


A former DAESH-ISIS mercenary, named as ‘Abu Abdullah’, bodyguard of terrorist leader Saddam Jamal, in an exclusive interview with the British ‘The Daily Telegraph’ has revealed some of the crimes committed in the name of what we call their ‘Zionist jihad’.

Mercenary ‘Abu Abdullah’, was previously a drug dealer and a Free Syrian Army militant, before to receive more money for his services if working’ for Daesh-ISIL’s gangs.

He spoke of a series of horrific incidents, including when his boss, terrorist leader Jamal, had forced a couple of parents to watch his jihadists murdering their kids one by one.

« Starting with a 13-year-old boy, they lined up the sons according to their height and beheaded them in that order, » said the bodyguard.

« Afterwards, they hung the boys’ heads on the door of the school the family had been hiding in. »

Abdullah declared that Saddam Jamal was working for DAESH not…

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